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The original Cheltenham Branch was formed some 60 years ago.

In 2005 the name was changed to the Gloucestershire Branch in order to have a wider appeal to members living in the County and surrounding areas.

Membership is open to all serving and non serving Grenadiers, also to any member of the Household Division.

Anyone who has served in any of Her Majesty's Armed Forces may also make application to join.

The branch is very active arranging many and varied events endeavouring to cater for all tastes.

One of the strong features of the branch is its dedication to the welfare of its members.


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Photo's of Black Sundays and Grenadier days

There are hundreds of photos of past Black Sundays and Grenadier days. Many of our members are on there. Sadly the photos are copyrighted so we can not copy them onto here, unless we pay. Its a shame, what happened to the Battalion photographer?

Anyway to see the post follow the link, go to Black Sunday and the photos are listed in year order, Have fun.


David Errington

Thu 21st Apr 2016 at 1926

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Harlebeke war grave visit 2015

Latest Events

Members Meeting
Thu 6th Oct 2016 at 1930

Victory Club, Cheltenham.   Complimentary Hot pies during the interval.   Ample parking.   Good priced bar.

Please note that this is in fact the September meeting that has been rescheduled

                                Your Branch.   Your Meeting

Branch Annual Formal Luncheon
Sun 23rd Oct 2016 at 1200

Venue The Hatherley Manor,Down Hatherley Lane, Gloucester.   11:45 for 13:00 hours.                       

 Thank you to all those who attended in 2015, all 119.  Let us endeavour  to make this one the best attended Luncheon for many years.  

Let us see if we can at least equal if not better the attendance from last year.   

Cost per person just£22.00.

The AugustnNewsletter gives the menu choice and booking proceedure

 Please contact Hon Sec for more details if required.  

Ample car parking.

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